OLAS ♥ Solo Vocal Project
19 April 2022
20 h 30 min
Le Petit Balcon
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On April 19th, I will present a solo set with my loop station, that allows me to superimpose layers of my voice almost indefinitely.

I will test the first seeds of my solo project, ♥”OLAS “♥, that has been cooking for a while now. In this project I will explore for the very first time a 100% female repertoire, filled with a lot of the languages I love

…And this set-up will represent a great challenge as I will try and fill the stage by myself!

I’ll open the night, then guitarist Robin Nitram will perform a solo set on guitar. You can discover his solo project in his very poetic album  “Rêveries Sonores”, of which I made the cover art…

See you there!