“Parisian vocalist Audrey Thirot, who also composes and plays saxophone, uses music as a language to connect through improvisation and explore the people in different cultures worldwide.”

Music is a language.

Since a young age, Parisian vocalist and composer saxophonist Audrey Thirot has been using music as a vehicule to explore the world and its cultural diversity. Her musical influences range from jazz to flamenco, latin and folk music.

As a musician and a singer, Audrey has learnt to adapt to different styles of music by learning multiple languages (she is fluent in 4 of them) and extensively studying jazz improvisation techniques.

She trained herself in and outside of the classroom. She had formal Conservatory training in classical guitar and voice, jazz saxophone, and harmony, but also learned a lot by travelling (the UK, Spain, South America, China, the US) and performing in each place she visited. As a solo artist but also with the local bands. Using sometimes her voice and guitar, other times learning new instruments to fit the mood of the place, such as charango, local percussions, bass


Her main project is called “Nomad Project”.

It consists in organising improvised concerts, where she meets other artists directly on stage, and the audience can witness the magic of communication happening gradually as the musicians get to know each other with no other tools than sounds.

When she was a child, Audrey’s first wish was to be a writer. She became a composer instead, acting as a storyteller that tells her stories in the most universal language: music. Her musical influences are wide and vary from virtuoso bebop cascades of sounds to soulful flamenco chants, folk songs or sunny south American rhythms. She is currently working on her fist solo album, “Talisman”, to be released at the end of the year.


Every artist has their own vision and purpose to their music. For her, music is a tool for positive change and enlightenment.

She believes in the power of sound as an energy that can touch the heart, and more important, the soul. At her shows, she aims at exploring the magic of music taking the communication to a deeper level, and allowing us to speak from one soul to another. Through this connection, she aims at conveying hope, love and inspiration.