“Audrey Thirot is a Paris-based singer-songwriter with folk influences and a jazz twist.

Based in Paris, France, singer-songwriter Audrey Thirot escaped a successful career in the corporate world in order to reconnect to her true self and her life-long passion: music.
She was yearning for a simpler life, and values that her fans say they can feel in her melodies : heart, sincerity, connection and a sense of joy.

Audrey’s music stands out with her unique mix of folk and jazz influences, her soft yet agile ethereal voice, and her drive for risk-taking and improvisation. Her current project aims to explore the depths of feminine archetypes and their mystical relationship with life and the universe.

Since a young age, Audrey has been using music as a vehicle to travel the world and its cultural diversity. She performed internationally in various settings over the last 15 years, as a vocalist, guitarist, and saxophonist, and wrote dozens of songs in over 5 languages.
In 2016, she launched her “Nomad Project” – a series of improvised concerts where she would meet other artists directly on stage, and gradually came to unveil her own “musical voice”.

In May 2020, Audrey released a first single “Shelter”, that offered a first glimpse of her universe. In July 2020, a second single, “Summer”, invites her deeper into her musical world.
Audrey is currently presenting her project on stage, and working on her first EP that is expected for early 2021.