Instants Orchestra + masterclass Fred Maurin (ONJ)
12 June 2023
18 h 30 min
Instants Chavirés
We open the doors of our rehearsal place for this special occasion : we’ll welcome Fred Maurin (ONJ director) for a masterclass, and we”ll play some tunes we’ve been putting together this year.
Come discover INSTANTS ORCHESTRA, directed by  Maciek Lasserre !
Improvised music with contemporary jazz flavours.
Instants Chavirés, 7 Rue Richard Lenoir, 93100 Montreuil, 6:30 PM 


Léo Chédikian : FLUTE
Simon Pelé : TRUMPET
Clément Bourdin : ALTO SAX
Jérôme Gonnon : TENOR SAX
Dimitri Shlelein : ALTO SAX
Audrey Thirot : ALTO SAX, VOICE
Jack Damei : TROMBONE
Claire George : FRENCH HORN
Tigran Chaldjian : VIOLIN
Lucas Goma Lelouch : VIOLIN
Tom Schmidely : GUITAR
Eden Rault : PIANO
Thomas Gey-Smith : KEYS
Olivier Pinto : DOUBLEBASS
Nathan Rueda : DRUM
Léo Rodier : DRUM