So Ouatte in Vietnam #2
8 March 2019
Hà Nội, Vietnam
Lạc Tạm Antique
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Second Vietnamese gig for #SoOuatte, in HaNoi this time, at Lạc Tạm Antique.
We will be playing in the beautiful garden of the guest house.

Program: a new selection of jazz standards with revisited lyrics, and personal compositions !

*ENTRANCE 50,000d*
Lạc Tạm Antique, 14 ngõ 5 phố Từ Hoa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

So Ouatte is the Parisian jazz duet formed by Audrey Thirot and Robin Nitram in 2016.
Audrey Thirot: Voice, Ukulele, Percussions
Robin Nitram: Guitar